Parent Driving Instructor Quiz

As an expert since 1984 in the field of driver training (over 10,000 students personally trained), I have discovered and created a brand new driver training methodology that can greatly reduce accidents and save lives. I wrote the book,

“Cullington Driving Concepts, Empowering Parents to Teach Crash-Proof Driving”

and created the

5 Star Driver Training Video Series 

to empower parents with advanced teaching strategies, helping to prevent their children from becoming a traffic accident statistic. Driving is the #1 killer of teenagers and has been for over 70 years so how can anyone claim that the current driver education industry and the State’s driver licensing standards are competent?

They aren’t. The truth is, the driver education and licensing standards industry is broken.  I’ve personally witnessed 6 minute driving exams at DMV’s in California. A student only having to pass a 6 minute drive test is insane.  Driving schools generally only teach their students just enough to pass a 6 minute drive test and people wonder why driving is still the #1 killer of teens?

Fortunately, a solution has been created and it begins here.  I’ve developed a short questionnaire that will help parents and other educators determine if they are prepared to “effectively” teach their own teenager how to drive without depending on the failed driver education industry. Knowing how to “drive” and knowing how to “teach driving” are a completely different skill set. Many parents assume they’re the same skill set and this is where many of the difficulties arise from when teaching their new drivers.

Please take your time and answer the questions honestly, your new driver is depending on it.  After finishing the short questionnaire and reviewing the answers, please take the time to look at our 5 Star Driver Training Video Series.

Thank you,

John Cullington