About Me

As an expert since 1984 in the field of driver training (over 10,000 students personally trained), I have discovered and created a brand new driver training methodology that can greatly reduce accidents and save lives. I wrote the book, “Cullington Driving Concepts™….Empowering Parents to Teach Crash-Proof Driving” along with developing the 5 Star Driver.com Driver Training Video Series to empower parents with advanced teaching strategies, helping to prevent their children from becoming a traffic accident statistic. Driving is the #1 killer of teenagers and has been for over 70 years so how can anyone claim that the current driver education and State driver’s licensing industry is a competent industry? It isn’t. The truth is, the driver education and licensing industry is broken. The Cullington Driving Concepts™ are an innovative approach to driver training by combining the natural thought process of the student driver with advanced defensive driving strategies. The best testimonial I can give you is mine. I love my children more than anyone else, that’s why I taught these driving concepts to my own daughters.

The #1 Safety Feature you can put in a car is a driver that fully understands and applies the advanced driving strategies found in the Cullington Driving Concepts™.  Check out http://www.5StarDriver.com to learn these driving concepts.