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Conventional Driver Training Kills, Don’t Pass it on to Your New Driver!

If you learned how to drive sometime in the last 80 years, there’s an extremely high probability that you learned a “Conventional Driver Training” (CDT) methodology. Want to set your new driver up for an accident? Teach them what you … Continue reading


A Good Driver is a Bad Driver

When I was a young child and I behaved in an inappropriate manner, my parents would call that “bad” behavior.  Bad meant bad. Later on in my teenage years, I learned the meaning of “bad” had actually changed to mean … Continue reading


Parents Teaching Teens to be Bad Drivers

The other day while giving a driver training lesson to a teenager, I realized what a “good driver” is to some people. While pointing out mistakes the other drivers were making, my student would comment, “My mom/dad does that…..but she/he … Continue reading


The Education Program Most Likely to Kill

If there was an education program out there that when completed, the graduates would end up being responsible for the #1 killer of 4 to 34 year-old people, would you rush to sign up for it?  You probably did.  Would … Continue reading

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The Yellow Corvette

While driving on Interstate 5 in Southern California just south of the 405 merger near Mission Viejo, a brand new yellow Corvette caught my eye.  Traffic was backed up and moving very slow, as is usual in this area.  I … Continue reading


Am I Ready to Take My Drive Test?

I picked up Marina, a 19 year-old college freshman who was learning to drive.  This was her first driving lesson with an instructor but she had driven with her older sister a few times.  Marina seemed eager to “prove” to … Continue reading


The DMV Driver’s License: A False Sense of Safety for Parents and Their New Teen Drivers.

Parents are being set up for failure by the DMV and they don’t even know it.  In California, a teenager under the age of 18 is required to take a driver’s ed & training course offered by a DMV licensed … Continue reading


Teaching Your Teen Driver How to Hold a Steady Speed

You’re on a long road trip with a good friend and you instantly notice your friend (the driver) is having difficulty holding a steady speed of 65 MPH.  The car speeds up to 70 MPH and then down to 60 … Continue reading

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Why Video Games Stop the Desire and Make it Difficult to Learn Driving

Thirty years ago, you couldn’t find a 15 year-old teenage boy who wasn’t counting down the days until he could get his driver’s license. Today, large numbers of teenage boys (and some teenage girls) just don’t seem to be interested … Continue reading


The Arrogant Licensed Driver

You’re at a seminar for safe driving, a requirement of your employment. The speaker asks everyone who believes they are a “good driver” to raise their hand. All of the 250 participants raise their hand, including you. Then, the speaker … Continue reading


How to Set Up Your Teen for a Traffic Accident: Part 2

If you haven’t read How to Set Up Your Teen for a Traffic Accident: Part 1, please do so before reading this post as the solution for preventing traffic accidents is multifaceted. In Part 1, I expressed my views on … Continue reading


How to Set Up Your Teen for a Traffic Accident: Part 1

Driving is the #1 killer of teenagers in the U.S. and has been for over 70 years.  Why have we as a society allowed this to occur for so long?  During the first 10 years of the Afghan-Iraq war, approximately … Continue reading

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Drive Safe … Are These Empty Words?

You’ve just spent the holidays with your family from out of town and they’re getting ready to hit the road to return home.  As they start to drive away you wave and say, “Drive safe”.  Why do we say these … Continue reading


Distracted Teen Driving: Applying the Correct Fix

There has been a lot of press about the problem with distracted teen drivers primarily due to texting and the use of cell phones in general.  With the focus being on the evil “cell phone” or in other words, the … Continue reading


Teaching Teens To Drive Diagnosed With ADD, ADHD, Asperger’s Syndrome, or Bipolar Disorder

Having been an active instructor for over 30 years, the answer is simple.  You teach teens diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, Asperger’s syndrome, or Bipolar disorder the way they need to be taught.  That’s it, just teach them the way they … Continue reading


Pushing Driver Training to the Back of the Line

It’s back to school time and everyone is rushing around trying to get acclimated to their new schedules so let’s put those driver training lessons on the back burner.  There just isn’t time with football and cheer practices going on every day … Continue reading